How We Work

How We Work

Active renewal and innovative services – for the countryside.


Our mission is for the good of the countryside.


Together we form a leading network of experts, enhancing effectively the competitiveness and welfare of rural businesses.  We improve the environment and communality in the countryside for its vitality.


Our values are
  • success for our clients
  • for the countryside
  • know-how and enthusiasm
  • independence

Mission statement

We offer services which benefit the competitiveness of the rural businesses. An advantage is generated utilizing our experts and the specialists from other advisory organizations.

Core competence

Our core competence comes from the expert services that focus on the day-to-day management, development, leadership and the strategic management of rural businesses. This is supported by maintaining and developing both member- and customer relations. Our network of stakeholders and partners supplement our core competence.
In our service portfolio, we focus on easiness and customer benefit. Together these aspects form a positive experience to our customer.


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