R & D

R & D

The focus is on the future and development.

Moving from an idea into a profitable product or service requires focus. ProAgria's business services provide experts from various sectors to aid rural entrepreneurs in product development. The focus is on managing the business and improving competitiveness. Rural entrepreneurs' skills, financial viewpoints and competition in the market are all taken into consideration.

Our services are especially beneficial for SMEs, start-ups and diversified enterprises. Our expertise in the rural sector includes tourism and catering businesses, food preparation, horses, contracting, the service industry, the metal and wood sector as well as bioenergy entrepreneurship.

Plan support for development purposes

When planning and developing a fresh idea, it is essential to keep the plan realistic. Realism helps the entrepreneur to commit to a development process. A strategic development perspective enables the rural entrepreneur to achieve more than just a series of arbitrary operations.

ProAgria stands for an effective and beneficial future development. We support and challenge the ideas to gain a comprehensive and viable focus on development. Regardless if the idea is about developing a new business idea, product, service or process management.

Assistance with risk- and economic assessments

ProAgria's experts assist with going through the business idea's viability and necessary requirements for the realization. The entrepreneur's own contribution is crucial in providing as detailed information as possible. Together we conduct business plans and financial calculations for further evaluation, initiation and monitoring of the idea.


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