Organic Farming

Organic Farming

We offer a versatile service set, tailored to the needs of the organic farming entrepreneur.

Interests towards organic farming have increased throughout the 21st century. Consumers are well-informed and interested in the origins of food. For entrepreneurs, improving profitability is usually the reason to choose organic farming. ProAgria offers expertise both for beginning and developing organic production through all production lines.

Clarity for the transition phase

IIn the transition phase, ProAgria offers the entrepreneur training to get familiar with the demands of organic production. In addition, a tailored transition plan is created. The plan includes financial calculations, production plans, crop rotation plans as well as feeding plans. This training aims to clarify the factors needed to in organic farming.

The third year harvest of arable crops can be marketed as organic. In the milk sector, the produce can be classified as organic, when the animals have been in organic treatment for 6 months (12 months for beef). In beef production, the minimum is always at least 3/4 of each animal's lifetime.

Developing the business functions

For developing organic farming, ProAgria offers comparison data, development discussions, financial calculations, building design, landscaping, and business management services. It's essential to set goals and a clear strategy to reach targets. ProAgria's experts and services will assist the entrepreneur to get the business on the right track.

In organic farming, we pay special attention to the right crops and suitable crop rotation. In animal production, the areas of interest include producing high-quality yield and taking care of production terms, not to mention animal welfare. ProAgria has expertise and know-how on organic farming as a whole.

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