We offer a wide variety of expert services for a developing horse business.

ProAgria offers a versatile range of services matched to the needs of horse businesses. Our services provide solutions on starting and developing a horse business, building design, environmental planning, hay production and pasture. Our focus is naturally on the welfare of horses and the whole environment.

Our services vary from practical day-to-day solutions to long-term planning. ProAgria experts also manage investment and profitability calculations, which are a great basis for navigating business activities into a new direction.

We provide assistance with e.g. start-ups, business- and financial plans as well as marketing research. Especially, development discussions with our experts create a strong foundation for future decisions. The discussion is beneficial in defining service development needs and increasing customer recognition - both essential in a successful business. 


Profitability and welfare are crucial in planning phase

ProAgria's production advising is focused on crop planning, feed planning, work optimization and animal and staff welfare. With our experts, customers are able to improve the quality of fodder and the efficiency of field usage. In addition, condition mapping is done to achieve a more comfortable and functional environment for both the animals and entrepreneurs.


Accounting services provide tools for a superior management

ProAgria takes care of all accounting needs of the business. Through us our customers will receive accounting and tax services for all business forms, payroll and billing, economic planning, budgeting, as well as outcome analysis and development services to improve the business’ economy.

Online services will eliminate the meaning of distance between the customer and an accounting expert. Interaction can be achieved using the web or a phone. 


Construction and environmental guidance for horse entrepreneurs 

Construction and environmental guidance is based on production planning and advising. We will assist our customer with construction plans to achieve an optimal working environment and improving animal welfare. ProAgria offers investment planning for stables, riding halls and manure treatment systems. We also assist with the renovation of buildings as well as with environmental planning. 




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