Food and Tourism

Food and Tourism

A successful tourism entrepreneur has set realistic goals and thought out the paths to achieve them – with our assistance.

A tourism entrepreneur will guarantee the quality of your tourism services and develop the business into a functional unit with the assistance of a ProAgria expert. Our food and tourism services are tailored to meet the needs of the customer, and implemented in cooperation with the Rural Women's Advisory Organisation. Our experts assist the customers in defining service development needs as well as in increasing customer awareness. These are all essential parts of a successful business.

Differentiation is the key to a successful business

ProAgria has expertise on product development and productification processes as well as marketing know-how. These are essential ways to differentiate the business and the product in a highly competitive market.

In addition, ProAgria offers a comprehensive service set to see the service path from the customer's perspective. The service is a beneficial tool to the service development of food and tourism entrepreneurs. When an entrepreneur understands the customer’s perspective, the business will gain loyal customers as well as a good reputation.

When aiming to differentiate, consider the importance of the environment. In cooperation with environment designers from the Rural Women's Advisory Organisation, our customer will be able to achieve a comfortable and environment-conscious landscape.

Also, the Uniquely Finnish label makes a difference. It's a national quality label to qualified foodstuff, handicraft and rural tourism companies that is granted based on applications. For more information, visit:

ProAgria Accounting - a tool for leadership, planning and monitoring

ProAgria takes care of all the accounting needs of a business. Through us, the customer will receive: accounting and tax services for all business forms, payroll and billing, economic planning, budgeting, as well as outcome analysis and development services to improve the business’s financial state.

Online services will eliminate the meaning of distance between the customer and the expert. Interaction can be achieved using the web or a phone.



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