We offer the seeds of success to help our customers manage crop production and improve its competitiveness.

By combining both our production and economy know-how with modern and practical tools, we produce efficient and profitable solutions to plan, execute and develop crop production. Everything is adapted and adjusted to meet the needs of the customer.

We offer

  • an extensive range of know-how to develop businesses and crop production
  • solutions to improve the economy and profitability in the whole business
  • tools and guidance for organizing and carrying out development
  • opportunities to develop personal skills
  • information and comparison of the environmental effects
  • practical advice on harvest size and quality improvements
  • guidance and advice on agricultural support
  • overall support and assistance with decision-making and production planning
  • assistance with the timing and targeting of the production inputs as well as information about productivity
  • information about plant and variety selection
  • planning and evaluation of needed improvement measures e.g. water management or land structure


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