Entrepreneurs producing contracting services are also important to us.

A third of Finnish farms are multi-disciplinary, which means that they operate in other sectors in addition to agriculture - most offer contracting services. Our customer base comes from, e.g.: the transportation, plowing, sanitation, forestry, agriculture, peat, wood energy and civil engineering sectors. With ProAgria’s experts, entrepreneurs will ensure the efficiency and profitability of their contracting business.

When starting up a business, it's essential to view the starting points and select an area to offer the services in. Together with ProAgria's experts our customer will conduct an assessment evaluation, focusing on the competitive advantages and pricing. Our experts will assist with investment and profitability calculations, which form a great base for business evaluation.

When the business is up and running, we will provide development discussions to help our customers to reach even further. Our versatile accounting services are widely utilized by contracting entrepreneurs. By using our online accounting services, the meaning of distance between the customer and the expert is eliminated.


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