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Dealing with personnel matters in an enterprise requires a holistic approach. The business can be successful only if the entrepreneur and personnel are fully commitment to the operation. This requires personnel well-being, good management as well as strong networks.

Growth requires knowledge about HRM

When a family business grows, the entrepreneur might have to adapt a new role as an employer. Human Resource Management significantly differs from production- and financial management. A personnel manager has several different responsibilities.

ProAgria has developed a management training program to holistically face new challenges including HRM. The program consists of training days, workshops and discussions with entrepreneurs in a similar situation, as well as with experts. In addition to the training program, we take care of all other personnel management issues such as salary accounting.

Support in a case of crisis or other challenging situations

Unfortunately, sometimes a sudden and an unpredictable crisis such as a fire, death or a divorce can face the entrepreneur. There might be serious issues to cope with on a daily basis - in addition to running a business. Our strong network will be there to deal with the crisis.

We evaluate the situation and offer

  • mental support in order to discuss future steps
  • management support to deal with business operations
  • special attention to financial issues

Support and advising is offered to deal with other challenging situations such as liquidity problems, change of ownership or type of production.


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