ProAgria About ProAgria

About ProAgria

ProAgria provides expert services and know-how to develop competitiveness in agriculture and rural businesses.

We produce advisory and development services to members and customers bringing added value, quality, competitiveness and productivity to their operations.

ProAgria bodes growth

“ProAgria” as a name comes from our creed, “for the countryside”. Furthermore, know-how and expertise are included in the name with the prefix ‘Pro’ reflecting ‘professional’.
ProAgria’s logo is a sprout growing from a seed reflecting our country spirit. The sprout is a metaphor for new life, growing from the soil and signifying growth, yield, success and movement upwards.
The logo illustrates also hope for the future. It represents creativity and a fresh and new way of operating. A classic font stands for tradition. Green is the color of life, symbolizing renewal, spring, the countryside and nature. 


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